Best Leather Steering Wheel Covers Review

10. Thank you dry slip leather steering wheel cover
Younglingn Best Leather Steering Wheel Covers
This model of Gomass gives a comfortable feel thanks to soft leather. Since it can fit on a 14.5 to 15 inch steering wheel, it should be a great option for your ride. To keep the leather breathable, the company used laser punching during the design process, each of which is environmentally friendly, meaning that there is no significant chemical odor or residue. Stitching is as good as you expect from an interior car seat. This cover must be durable and extended in life. The overall shape of the cover is sleek, elegant, faded and can hide the damaged steering wheel.

9. CAR PASS Classic Leather Universal Steering Wheel Cover

This steering wheel cover is made of eco-friendly PVC leather. They are designed to be easy to install by sliding them over your steering wheel and locking them in place by the rubber studs inside the covers. The breathable cover is thick and provides comfortable support with an outer groove that provides better control to the driver. The thick, padded cover is a good option for protecting the steering wheel and hands in sunny weather.

8. HYDRO GIZMOS soft leather steering wheel cover

Our next item comes from Hydro Gizmos. Their black steering wheel covers are made of real leather and are a great way to cover old and worn handles. Soft leather should provide a more comfortable driving experience while protecting the wheel from sun-damaging rays. The cover is designed so that the cover can be installed simply by covering the handle. It is suitable for most models with a 14.5-inch to 15-inch steering wheel and features slip-resistant internal padding that keeps the cover from slipping during use.

7. MOYISHI saw leather steering wheel cover

This cover is made of PVC leather and is suitable for 14.5 inch to 15.25 inch steering wheel. The driving design is intended to protect the driver's hand from the cold steering wheel while maintaining a sporty appearance. It was tightly fitted to the wheel so the cover looks like a factory installment. This cover is also available in a variety of colors, so it should be easy to find matches inside the vehicle.

6. RUEESH Pure Leather Steering Wheel Covers

This leather steering wheel cover weighs 200 grams more than most comparable covers. Designed for a 14.5-15 inch steering wheel, it is a good option to protect the steering wheel from the sun that is damaged or give new wheels to an already damaged wheel. This model is heat, cool and wear resistant and comes with a 24-month warranty.

5. VITODECO Moving Dragon Scale Leather Steering Wheel Cover

This steering wheel cover is designed for small wheels from 14.25 to 14.75 inches. The slip-on design enables simple installation and the dragon scale pattern provides many operator controls.

4. RUEESH SPORTY steering wheel cover

Our second entry to Rueesh brings us a sporty version of their genuine leather steering wheel cover. It is designed to fit most vehicles currently on the market. The cover is thick and gives the driver great control.

3. BDK high quality leather steering wheel cover

This is the first model we have presented for a vehicle with a steering wheel smaller than 14 inches. Designed for wheels between 13.5 inches and 14.5 inches, this cover is made of genuine leather and bio-playable.


The cover is made of microfiber leather and most cars have a 15-inch steering wheel. It is designed to be easy to install and provides a comfortable grip for the driver. The Mayco Bell steering wheel cover is also available in a variety of color options, and it should be easy to find the perfect match for your interior.

1. SEG direct micro fiber leather steering wheel cover

With heat resistance and anti-slip features, SEG Direct's steering wheel covers are healthy and eco-friendly. Available in a variety of color options and ideal for steering wheel handling.
Best Leather Steering Wheel Covers Review